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Stepping Into 2018 Boldly

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There is only a couple days left in 2017.  How is your reflection of the year past and the planning ahead for 2018 going?

I signed up for a 20-day life planning challenge earlier this month, but life got in the way of the life planning. 🙂

Have you come up with goals that you want to achieve in 2018?

I have come up with 3 goals. Three seems to be my magic number. Let’s see. I am the third child in my family. My zodiac Scorpio is symbolized by 3 different kinds of animals. And, I suppose I can consider the life I am living now to be my third life.

So, my goals for the year ahead are:

1. To release all the hurts and disappointments I have felt from my trial.

It is easier said than done. I thought I have gone through the worst of it. But, the holiday season had proven to bring back all the hurts. It’s a painful reminder of the life I am missing, of my own and my friends’ lives.

2. To figure out this online business thing.

My previous job has been very location dependent. I love pastry. But, I think I have outgrown it. So, I want to be location independent this time around.

3. To travel more.

I have lived half of my life in Asia and half of my life in the U.S. I have Europe on my mind next. What can I say? I have been bitten by the travel bug.

How about you? What do you want to do in 2018? What do you want to accomplish?

As we are stepping into 2018, I want us to do it boldly and fearlessly.

Can you picture it in your mind all the things that you want to get done? Or the new things that you want to try? Or the new places that you want to visit?

Make a vision board if you need to. Meditate and connect to yourself. Go on Pinterest. Gather pictures that speak to you.

Pick a word that resonates to you. Or maybe pick three words. Let them be your focus words all year long — something that remind you what you want to make 2018 is all about. Here are some suggestions:

Focus words to motivate yourself in the New Year

Don’t let your resolutions fade away a month into the year like most New Year resolutions do.

I came across something that can help inspire and remind you of the resolutions you are making now.  Kristen Vanderweff of the Polished On Purpose make these Focus Necklaces. Each necklace is written with a focus word of your choice. She has a necklace for every word on the word cloud above. They have a simple, yet elegant design that I love very much.

I am not much of a jewelry wearer. But, I do have a necklace of a cross, a scorpion and a Phoenix that I alternate wearing because they reflect the values that I believe in. I can surely see adding one of these focus word necklaces on my collection.

Samples of Focus Necklaces

These are the 3 words that resonate with me: TRUST, GROWTH, and ABUNDANCE.

I TRUST that God has a great plan for me – a plan to prosper me and not harm me – even when I can’t see it now.

I want 2018 to be a year of transformational GROWTH.

I believe in receiving ABUNDANCE in every aspect of my life.

If you are interested in purchasing the necklace, you can do so through this link:

Use the code LOL10 to get 10% discount (Coupon is valid till January 15,2018).

Check them out. If you don’t see your chosen focus word on those necklaces, you can email Kristen directly and she’ll make it happen for you. It’ll be an inspirational gift that can motivate you (or someone you love) all year long.  Plus, I bet it’ll be an interesting conversation-starter piece.

So, what about you? What do you want your focus words to be? What do you want to make 2018 all about?

Bring on 2018. Let’s step into 2018 boldly and fearlessly.

May it be a year of transformational growth for all of us!




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Focus Words to make 2018 your best year ever


    • That is a good word, Leanne. I choose Phoenix as my spirit animal. So, it is a fitting word for me too. I am sorry that you had a rough time too in 2017. Here’s to us RISING out of the ashes. Wishing a wonderful year filled with joy, laughter and blessings.

  1. Great post – thanks for the inspiration 🙂 I’ve been thinking lately about what my word or words should be. For me, I choose Balance, Choice and Appreciation.

  2. This is really very inspirational & motivational post…everyone needs to set these type of awesome goals every year to make life full of positivity….thanks 🙂

  3. I love how differently you stated your goals or resolutions for 2018. You were so specified and to the point which makes it more logical rather than saying i wanna be a better person.
    All the luck in 2018 ❤️❤️

  4. 2018 for me is going to be focused on action instead of sitting around thinking of everything I want to do. I’m going to actually do it! 😅 That’s the plan anyways! 😜 Thanks for the inspiring read!

  5. Happy New Year!!! Thanks for courageously sharing your resolutions. My resolution is simple – to continue to bravely unfold where I’ve never been willing to before. Laughing out loud at adversity is one of them. Afterall, challenges show us the way to who we truly are. Blessings and Light! <3

  6. Your posts are always so inspirational. I love the “word” necklaces. I think my word for 2018 will be “happiness,” as I’m hoping it’ll be a year filled with many happy times and laughter. I wish you all the best for 2018 and May you continue to bless others through your writing talents.

  7. Great resolutions and the necklace idea is a great one – I think by like March most people forget their resolutions, let alone still adhere to them, haha.

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