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Shout Out To My Fellow Scorpios

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Shout Out To My Fellow Scorpios

Guess what?

It’s November, my favorite month of the year. I am a proud Scorpio. That means I am getting a year older this month. I won’t disclose how old I am going to be (You shouldn’t ask a lady her age anyway, right?!). If I tell you, you won’t believe me anyway. I always tell people that I am 21, and they believe me. What can I say? I have the Asian genes. 🙂

I am a fan of a month-long birthday. It hasn’t always been the case. We are not big in celebrating special occasions in my family. But, over the last several years, I had built a community of friends and hiking peeps that had helped me return to the magic of an extended birthday celebration. (Monique, this one is credited to you. You started all this! :))

Couple years ago, I did a 3-day birthday celebration.

The first day, I went on a 10-mile hike to Anna Ruby Falls in Helen, GA with 4 of my hiking peeps. It was fall season. The colors of the leaves were amazing. I love the sounds of the crunching leaves as we hiked through them. One of my hiking peeps even brought a surprise brownie birthday cake on her backpack. How that cake survived the hike still amazed me!

The next day, I was crazy enough to do another 10-mile hike at Tallulah Gorge State Park, GA with a larger group of hiking peeps. The state park is absolutely stunning. I even went there on 2 other occasions over the next couple years. You can go down the 1000+ stairs to go to the bottom of the gorge and play in the water on its sliding rock and infinity pool in the summer. It is one of my favorite hiking places.

On the third day, I had a nice outing with 3 of my friends from work. We went to a salt room to chill and absorb the supposedly good vibes and medicinal benefits for lounging around in a salt room for an hour. The manager gave each of us a glass of champagne when she knew we were there to celebrate my birthday. After doing 10-mile hikes back-to-back, it was SO fun and relaxing.

After we were done in the salt room, we had lunch at a Japanese restaurant.  I ordered a chocolate martini. Now, I am not a big fan of drinking. I reserve it for special occasions. Chocolate Martini is my go-to drink. So, I figured I had to have it. Little did I know that I shouldn’t have had that second drink that day! Champagne and martini don’t mix! (Well, I didn’t know it at the time!) I got through lunch. But, soon afterwards, I had to go to the restroom and threw up. There went my fancy birthday lunch. 🙂

Aside from the throwing up, it was a pretty EPIC birthday celebration. Since then, I try to maintain at least a 3-day celebration each year. Last year, I even managed to do a whole week trip to Bali. I am planning to do similar shenanigans this year. Normally, I would have planned it a month before. But, this year, I have to wait and see if the volcano in Bali is going to behave in the week I am planning to be there (Yeah, like we can ever predict nature, right?!).

Birthday Adventure Collage

My point with this post is I want to do a shout out to my fellow Scorpios.

This is your month. Go out and celebrate. Plan an EPIC birthday celebration to celebrate your awesomeness (even if the year has not been a good one).  Maybe you are having a rough year. Celebrate anyway.

If you can’t do a whole week, just do one day celebration. Request that time off from work. Play hooky if you don’t get that time off.

Celebrate life. Celebrate YOU.

Look at how far you have come. The road ahead might still be winding and you are all alone on the journey. Keep the faith and keep moving forward. Soon enough, you will meet other travelers along the journey.

Here are little tidbits about Scorpio that you might not know to help you realize how awesome you are:

Scorpio is the most powerful sign of all the zodiac signs. It is symbolized by 3 different animals. (Yes, we get 3 instead of 1.)

They are the scorpion, the eagle and the phoenix.

The scorpion is often associated with our negative traits such as aggression, competitiveness, violent, resentfulness, and secretiveness. I love the scorpion symbol. I think it’s a majestic animal. It’s black, mysterious, and it has a powerful poison to sting its enemy. But, it won’t attack unless it is provoked. So, you might want to think twice before you cross a Scorpio. (You have been warned! :))

Let me assure that I am not a violent person. My favorite pastime is volunteering and playing with babies on Sunday mornings at church.

Scorpios are also emotional creatures.  They feel things deeply even if they don’t show it to just about everybody. Remember that saying “Still water runs deep.” That’s how Scorpios are. They only show their true selves to the people who really mean something to them.

The eagle is a bird that soars higher than any other bird. It has shrewd insight – the ability to discern hidden motives, ferreting out others’ secrets and vulnerability. Use this to symbolize your ability to rise above adversity.

My favorite symbol of Scorpio is the phoenix. It represents resurrection and the power of transformation (You can read more about the Phoenix here). The most emotionally developed Scorpios can transcend all the negativity in their lives and still love life anyway.

On top of these, Scorpio is ruled by Mars and Pluto.

I grew up watching Sailor Moon. Sailor Mars and Sailor Pluto become my favorite symbols for what they represent for a Scorpio. Feel free to look it up.

Mars is the fierce warrior planet. You have fiery energy that attracts and inspires others, but you are not openly combative unless it becomes necessary.

Pluto is the planet of transformation. You like to transform raw materials into things of great power and beauty (No wonder I like to decorate cakes and make chocolate/sugar showpieces). In Greek mythology, Pluto is the God of the Underworld. You have no patience for the trivial things in life. You rather probe the deepest mystery of life, like death. (Read my post on Why You Need to Write Your Own Obituary if you haven’t done so.)

You see how amazing it is to be a Scorpio!!

So, this month celebrate your birthday in an EPIC way to show how much you love life.

Celebrate YOU.

Make everlasting memories that can last a lifetime (or at least for a year till you can do the birthday shenanigans again next year!)

Happy Birthday my fellow Scorpios!!

Give me a shout throughout the month and tell me what your birthday shenanigans are! I’ll help you celebrate YOU virtually!



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Shout Out To My Fellow Scorpios



  1. My birthday is 4th November and it was lovely reading about your month long celebration. My husband always gives me a week of celebration for my birthday – it makes me feel extra special – especially now our kids are grown and have moved away from home. Happy birthday month to you xx

  2. It sounds like you had an awesome birthday that you will remember for a long time. And yeah I wish you a very happy birthday! 🙂 Though I am not a Scorpio, I still have a special place in my heart for them. My dad and bestie both are Scorpio.

  3. Your three-day birthday celebration sounds perfect! My husband and I love hiking even though we were unable to get out as much as we had hoped. Also, I am a fellow Scorpio ♥ I also celebrate my birthday all month. Shout out to us! I loved reading all about our sign (I had no idea about the three animals)!

    • Yes, it was. Well, the chocolate martini aftermath wasn’t pretty when it was happening. But, it made a pretty memorable birthday year. Even the bad thing has a purpose in our life? 🙂

  4. I’m a Scorpio too! I really enjoyed this post and learned some other traits that Scorpio’s have like the three different animal symbols and they’re all true! I also like to extend my birthday celebration, Yay for November!

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