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Merry Christmas

It is December the 24th. The day before Christmas.

I just want to pop in real quick to wish you a Merry Christmas.

Christmas Greetings from us in the warmer climate

The post card is a bit different. What can I say? I am in a tropical country after all and we tend to do things just a bit differently. πŸ™‚

I hope you are having a wonderful time with friends and family. Thank you for being part of Making LOL. I appreciate you all for your time to read, comment and visit the blog. I hope you find some inspiration as you wander through and continue to follow along in our journey.

If it is your tradition, I hope you will be able to make it to attend Christmas Eve service tonight.

My favorite part of Christmas Eve service is when they turned off the light in the room. The pastor lights up a candle and you see this beautiful, small flicker of light in the darkness.

Then, he lights up the candle the person next to him is holding and so on creating a chain reaction. Soon enough you’ll see the whole room is brighten up by the light.

To me, this is the remainder of what Christmas is all about — being a light in the darkness by sharing love to the people around you.

The real meaning of Christmas: Be a light in the darkness

Enjoy the holidays. May our days be filled with love and laughter as we enjoy the last days of 2017.

Let’s make 2018 a year of transformational growth.

Many blessings to you and your family.







  1. We do that at our Christmas eve service, too. I love it. It is such a lovely way to end our service as we sing Silent Night. We had a snow storm followed by extremely low temperatures but we still had a wonderful time celebrating with family. We dressed in layers and took our grandsons to see Beauty and the Beast at our local theater today as a Christmas present to them. But the real present was that we got to spend time with them and see their delight at the performance. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    • Glad you had a beautiful Christmas with your family, Molly. I read about the snow storm. Yay, it was a white Christmas. πŸ™‚ Watching The Beauty and the Beast sounded like a great way to celebrate the season. I love watching live performances. It is so much better than watching a movie. Wishing you a wonderful year ahead too.

  2. I used to always love candlelight Christmas Eve services in my church. Unfortunately, the church was decommissioned and parishioners all joined new churches. Although I’ve been to different churches on Christmas Eve, I haven’t found one as beautiful as my old church went the lights went down low and the candles lit the way.

    • I hope you will find that magic again one day, Jennifer. (I am hoping the same thing for myself.) I love how they happened in the churches that I used to go to. There’s just something with the old and familiar, I suppose.

  3. I once attended a service in the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris one New Year’s Eve (1988 or 1989) – it was glorious & the sound of the choir singing praises in latin was totally uplifting. 😊 Midnight mass is another service which is lovely.

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