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Rising Out of the Ashes

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If anyone ever asks me what my spirit animal is, it’s the Phoenix.

This Greek mythological fire bird tells the most wonderful life transformation story ever. It is said that there is only one Phoenix at a time in the world and the bird lives in a 500-year cycle. Nearing the end of its life cycle, the majestic bird gathers cassia barks, frankincense and myrrh, flies up to the highest point in the world and builds a nest out of the fragrant twigs, barks, and spices.

Then, the Phoenix sings the most beautiful song the world ever heard and it ignites itself into a blazing fire. Out of the ashes, a new young Phoenix emerges. Once it is strong enough to fly, the Phoenix flies out in all its glory into the sky and lives for the next 500 years. And the cycle continues on…

Here are some life transformation lessons that we can learn from the story of the Phoenix:

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15 Self-Care Tips

self-care tips when you are struggling

When you are deep in the valley in your struggles, it is important to remember to practice self-care. Your tough ordeals can hurt your body, mind and soul. You might just want to lock yourself in the bedroom and never see anyone again.

It is Ok to grieve your loss. You are allowed some alone time to process your emotions and the major life changes that you are facing. Do remember to practice some basic self-care practices, even if you do not feel like it and just want to sleep the pain off.

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Taking Time To Grief

Why aren’t we taught in school on how to deal with loss and grief?

We could have a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering so we could build bridges or an MBA so we could be the CEO of a multinational company. But, we could still be at loss when tragedy hits us on our personal life.

How do we handle losing a loved one to cancer or a tragic car accident? What do we do next when the 10-year old marriage ends? Where do we go from here when the life we have built our whole life is gone in an instant?

How can we handle situations like these with grace? If only life comes with a manual, right?

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When The Going Gets Tough

Are you familiar with the concept of karmasutra?

No, I am not talking about the different creative sex positions to try in the bedroom. There is an “r” in the word – in case you just skim through and miss it – and, no, it’s not a typo.

karmasutra: when fate screws you in all sorts creative way (i.e. when life thows you difficult challenges that knock you to the ground)

Sorry! I can’t say the full word ever, even in writing.

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