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Faith, Family and Mesothelioma

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Faith, Family, and Mesothelioma. Life lessons from asbestos cancer victim

I started this blog as part of my journey of making the most out of whatever life threw at me. Thus, I name this blog Making LOL – Making Lemons Out of Lemonade. My hope is to inspire people to overcome adversity with grace and humor. When life throws you really difficult challenges, like losing someone you love, dealing with cancer/other chronic illnesses or (in my case) losing the life you have built for years , it can be difficult to understand why we have to go through such a painful experience. During these times, I hope you find the courage to keep your faith and find the strength to deal with the challenges with grace.

Today, I have a guest I would like to introduce to you.

Virgil Anderson was born and raised in Williamson, West Virginia. He is currently battling mesothelioma. It is a rare form of cancer caused by asbestos exposure over long period of time. In most cases, the exposure was due to unsafe workplace practices. About 3,000 people in the United States are diagnosed with this kind of cancer each year.

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Top 5 Books To Read When You Are Struggling

I love reading good books. They can educate us about new topics we have never heard before, entertain us after a long day at work and transport us to a magical world where we can escape for a few hours from our mundane lives.

Reading can also encourages and uplifts us when our spirits sag – especially when we are dealing with major life changes that alter the course of our lives.

I have gone through the deep valley of grief, depression and hopelessness myself (You can read about it on this post.) and these books help me get through the dark season.

top 5 books to read when you are struggling with grief, depression and hopelessness

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15 Self-Care Tips

When you are deep in the valley in your struggles, it is important to remember to practice self-care. Your tough ordeals can hurt your body, mind and soul. You might just want to lock yourself in the bedroom and never see anyone again.

It is Ok to grieve your loss. You are allowed some alone time to process your emotions and the major life changes that you are facing. Do remember to practice some basic self-care practices, even if you do not feel like it and just want to sleep the pain off.

self-care tips when you are struggling

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Top 10 Inspiring Christian Songs

Listening to inspiring christian songs is what helps me go through the dark moments in my life. When my own words fail to express what I am feeling, the songs become my prayers and lamentations to God and my anthems as I go through my days.

I play them in the morning on my quiet time. I play them when I feel down as my challenges seem so hard to tackle.

As I go about my days, the words would pop up in my mind when I need to give myself some encouragement and affirmation that all will be well.

Inspiring songs list

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Taking Time To Grief

To everything there's a season

Why aren’t we taught in school on how to deal with loss and grief?

We could have a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering so we could build bridges or an MBA so we could be the CEO of a multinational company. But, we could still be at loss when tragedy hits us on our personal life.

How do we handle losing a loved one to cancer or a tragic car accident? What do we do next when the 10-year old marriage ends? Where do we go from here when the life we have built our whole life is gone in an instant?

How can we handle situations like these with grace? If only life comes with a manual, right?
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