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Shout Out To My Fellow Scorpios

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Shout Out To My Fellow Scorpios

Guess what?

It’s November, my favorite month of the year. I am a proud Scorpio. That means I am getting a year older this month. I won’t disclose how old I am going to be (You shouldn’t ask a lady her age anyway, right?!). If I tell you, you won’t believe me anyway. I always tell people that I am 21, and they believe me. What can I say? I have the Asian genes. 🙂

I am a fan of a month-long birthday. It hasn’t always been the case. We are not big in celebrating special occasions in my family. But, over the last several years, I had built a community of friends and hiking peeps that had helped me return to the magic of an extended birthday celebration. (Monique, this one is credited to you. You started all this! :)) Continue Reading →

Blogiversary Giveaway


Krysten Quiles of Why Girls Are Weird is celebrating her blog 10th year anniversary. This is such a milestone. Congratulations, Krysten.

With the help of some of her fellow bloggers, she is throwing an incredible giveaway to give back to the readers . I am glad that Making LOL can participate as a co-host to help her celebrate this monumental milestone.

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