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Blogiversary Giveaway


Krysten Quiles of Why Girls Are Weird is celebrating her blog 10th year anniversary. This is such a milestone. Congratulations, Krysten.

With the help of some of her fellow bloggers, she is throwing an incredible giveaway to give back to the readers . I am glad that Making LOL can participate as a co-host to help her celebrate this monumental milestone.

You can check out her full post about the anniversary and the giveaway at Why Girls Are Weird.

What we’re giving away:

$ 300 in PayPal cash
1 Keurig
A $100 Target gift card

Join us in celebrating

Why Girls Are Weird’s 10 Year Blogiversary!!

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Feel free to invite the others to the party by sharing!

Blogiversary Giveaway


    • Do some research before you start. There’s a lot involved in blogging than just posting your writing. You can check out my article on “Why I Started Blogging (and Is blogging right for you?).” If after you’ve done your research and you decide it’s what you want to do, just do it. There’ll be learning curve. But, if you stick to it, you’ll get better at it.

  1. This is a great way to spread the word on both of your blogs and gain some followers! Smart, smart idea that I’ll catalog away for a much later time (seeing as my blog is just shy of 2 months old).

    • Yes, it is, Ellen. Keep on the look out for participating on a giveaway such as this on of FB group collaboration threads. Congrats on your new blog. Mine is not that much older than yours ๐Ÿ™‚

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