Making LOL - Overcoming Adversity With Grace + Humor


(Photo credit: Bill Witherspoon – Thanks, Papa Smurf!)

Hi There!

My name is Herlina.

I created this blog to encourage and inspire people who are going through a tough time in their lives and to create a community to support each other.

I have gone through a really deep valley myself (you can read about it on this post) and what I lost the most was the community that I had built over the years.

Here, you will also find tips, inspirations and resources on rebuilding your life and thriving in your new journey. We are meant to help each other in this journey we call life.

No matter what season you are experiencing in your own life, I hope that you will find some inspirations and community here in making LOL.

I have spent half of my life in Asia and half of my life in the United States. Europe is next on my list. I am coming Europe!!!

I suppose I am an epitome of when East meets West. You will find both of these influences on the articles I am writing. For instance, I am a God-loving kind of gal, but you will also come across quotes and inspirations from other branches of faith/religion/philosophies of life.

While I don’t mean for this blog to be a Christian blog, it does shape my views and values in life. I can’t say I am an expert on Christianity. My own faith actually took a major beating from my most recent trial. If anything, I am learning to be closer to Him myself.

I am a nature lover. I love hiking and I am pluviophile – a rain lover. One of my fondest memories was hiking a 10-mile trail at Tallulah Gorge State Park in Georgia in the blistering summer heat. When we were almost done with the hike, heavy downpour just came down from the sky. We were so giddy like children playing in the rain!

So, you might find references to hiking or other active outdoor lifestyles too.

And, if you have not figured out why you are on a site with a laughing lemon with tears of joy as its logo, I am a girl who gets tears on her eyes when she laughs hard. And It is not hard at all to make me grin from ear to ear and laugh out loud – I got pictures to proof it…

Life is short. Don’t take it TOO seriously. Let’s make Lemons Out of Lemonade and Laugh Out Loud along the journey.