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100 “Foot” Journey (Part 1)

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Collection of my 100 "foot" journey (part 1) to inspire you to travel get outdoor and travel more.

Inspired by the movie “100 Foot Journey,” I started my own 100 “foot” journey project when I started hiking 4 years ago.

I capture my feet against the nature backdrop of the new places I go to.

This is the first installment. Starting from today, I will post the series on Fridays as part of #TGIF.

I hope they will inspire you to get outdoors and travel more on the weekends.

You can read on my recent adventures to Nusa Penida (if you haven’t done so) for more travel inspiration.

It doesn’t have to be a travel to a faraway, exotic destination although you get bonus point for that. 🙂

It can be a hiking (or walking) trip to a nearby (state) park in your area.

That’s what I did on the weekends when I was in the U.S., and I got to visit lots of different, exciting new places.

I also got to meet some eccentric hiking peeps. One of the trip leaders of the groups I was active in has a nickname as Papa Smurf. And you guess it! He is a (kinda) short, old guy with white beard, and he looks just like Papa Smurf from the comic strip.

He loves to call the ladies joining his adventures on the weekends as the Smurfettes. At one point, he intended to buy this big, blue truck that fits with his whole “Smurf-ing” thing and giving rides to the Smurfettes in style. If his wife wouldn’t have divorced him for doing so, he’d definitely buy that truck!

(Thanks for the great memories, Papa Smurf!!)


See what MAGIC that can unfold when you get out there.

So, TGIF. The weekend is here.

The world is huge. Go out and explore it!

Where are you going to venture out this week??

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I would love to see your adventures!

Bonus Point:

Take a picture of your feet and start your own 100 “foot” journey project. 🙂




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